Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Thoughts on Billy Graham, good coffee and great conversations

Great Conversation Happened Here
A couple of weeks ago, I had the fun privilege of visiting my friend Kelsey in Branson. My husband and I and our good friends were spending a weekend there. And since Kelsey goes to school in the area I texted her to see if she was available for coffee. She said yes. 

It just so happens that Kelsey’s cousin was visiting from Delaware, so the three of us settled in the local coffee shop to chat. Little did I know that our good conversation would soon turn out to be great conversation. 

Shortly after our trip to Branson, Billy Graham passed away. It’s been interesting reading news articles, listening to interviews and discussing with friends how Billy Graham affected their lives. In a story by George Bush, he describes a one-on-one conversation with Billy Graham that turned his life around. Kathie Lee Gifford tells how Reverend Graham sat in her home and read the Christmas story to her children (for her first ever TV Christmas special). 

Many have pondered who will take Billy Graham’s place. The answer of course is no one. However, we should not be discouraged by that, because the world is full of people who love God like Billy Graham loved God. 

Back in Branson, Kelsey, her cousin and I visited a lot about my new book, A Wild & Wonderful Life. Before long, it became obvious that our conversation was going to a deeper level than I anticipated. Kelsey’s cousin asked me, “How do I begin to have a Wild & Wonderful Life?” At that moment, I realized our good conversation had just turned into great conversation. As the three of us sat and talked about loving Jesus, I couldn’t help but think this is exactly what Billy Graham did: Share Jesus. Talk about Jesus. Or even introduce someone to Jesus. 

Billy Graham certainly made an impact on the Kingdom through Crusades. But, from the stories I have heard recently, his personal conversations were equally important. Who’s going to carry on Billy Graham’s work in the future? We are. We are going to have great conversations with people we care about and share Jesus with them. In this way, all of us will impact our world — just like Billy did.  

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