Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spending time with friends

Today was a great day because I flanked my day with friends. What I mean is, I started my day with a girlfriend and ended my day with a girlfriend. Best day ever.
Leslie & me at coffee

This morning, I met Leslie for coffee. We had the most wonderful caffeinated beverages. It's fun sitting in a busy coffee shop with a friend and discussing important stuff like kids, vacations, church, and iPhone tips.

This evening, I went with my friend, Joby, to see author Anne Lamott. First we had dinner, then we hurried to the venue.  (I like to get to these things early, because it's more fun to sit close to the front. We were on the second row.) Anne is an interesting speaker who talks the way she writes:  irreverently. She shared some of her thoughts, read from two of her books, and answered questions from the audience.  I wrote down a few of the things she said  in the back of my copy of Some Assembly Required.

  • The forgiveness of self is the way to God.
  • We don't have what it takes to forgive the hard things, but the Holy Spirit does--and we do it together. 
  • Even though we are messy, we are holy, blameless and chosen.
I'm refreshed by my day with friends. Flanking is a good thing.