Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What a friend we have in Jesus

I’m a compartment person. I put things in my life, such as people, circumstances, and activities into different compartments. For example, often I will say that I have a best friend. What I really mean is that I have a best friend for certain situations. Consequently, I really have about ten best friends. Gina is my do-stuff friend. Becky and Michelle are my sister-friends. Terri is my oldest friend (clarification: I’ve known Terri the longest which also makes her my dearest friend). Amy is my fun, yet wise, friend. Leslie is my coffee friend. Joby is my warm, fleecy-blanket friend. I think you get my point.

Not long ago, my friend Amy's son got married. The wedding was out of town so five of Amy's friends, myself included, traveled to Phoenix for the celebration. One of Amy's friends, Lori, was a gal I didn't know. So now, Lori is my newest friend. Anyway, it was fun going away together. Our husbands also came along, so now our friendships have grown to become couple friends. What was cool about the wedding trip was that as friends, we were spending quality time together and creating amazing memories. We laughed, cried, talked, danced, and ate together.

I think friendship is one of the reasons God created us. Four times in the Bible God calls someone His friend. I find that pretty incredible. Why? Because it means that you and I can also become friends with God. How do we become friends with God? Well, Abraham believed God and so God called Him his friend. Moses spent time with God, so God spoke to him just as a friend. The disciples committed to Jesus, so He called them friends twice. I guess the same is true of us. If we believe in Him, spend time with Him and commit our lives to Him, God will call us friends.

Not only does God call us friends, we can also call God our friend. Maybe you've never thought about God becoming your best friend. It might be a hard concept to grasp. He's Sovereign, Almighty. But you and I were created in God's image. And He created us so we could be in relationship with Him. In other words, He wants us to call Him friend. I think calling Jesus friend means you do similar things with Him that you would do with one of your earthly friends.

My friend Becky and I met for coffee the other day. We spent three hours together talking, laughing and sharing stories. Later that day, I wondered, "When was the last time I spent three hours with Jesus?" Another day last week, something great happened that I would call a God-thing. I immediately called my girlfriend to tell her about it. But why didn't I tell God instead and thank Him for the blessing? I don't know about you, but I need to work at becoming a better friend to Jesus.

Today, try doing something with Jesus that you would normally do with a friend. Perhaps invite him to have tea with you. Or go for a walk with you. Or maybe just spend time with Him by reading the Bible or praying. There is nothing God wants more than for you to call Him "friend."