Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great memories

Laure and me
I can hardly believe that Laura--this young, beautiful bride--was sitting in my basement just four years ago, doing Bible study with me and a great group of girls. Laura, Cara, Rebecca, Stephanie, Katie and I spent the entire year studying. laughing, and sharing every Monday night. 

Laura, Cara and I had been meeting together for four years. I wasn't planning to lead a study their senior year of high school, but they ask and I reluctantly said yes. My own son had just left for college and I thought this might be the time to break from high-schoolers. 

Looking back, I am not sure how I would have managed the year without these dear gals. Every Monday night they happily showed up and almost always asked me how I was doing. Lots of times, I was sad because I missed my son. But these young friends rallied me every Monday and offered me something I didn't know I needed--girl time.
Laura, Cara & me

Now that they've graduated and moved into the next phase of their lives, I've had the chance to watch them from afar. And I love how God makes things so wonderful. He not only gave me a chance to know these amazing girls, but to also to see them become incredible women.