Saturday, September 7, 2013

Going all-the-way-under for the first time

My nephew Max came to visit me in Florida this past summer. He loved swimming in the pool. In and out. Splish-splash. On the raft, off the raft. Throw Superman and Spiderman in the water. Retrieve. Repeat.

And so it went for several days. Each day, we got a little closer to going all-the-way-under the water. It started with blowing bubbles. Then advanced to leaning his face into the water. Until finally, he just went under. All the way. And then it was over. A new pool life had begun. His daring discovery allowed him all kinds of new adventures.

How exciting to be a witness to this first experience! It has me wondering--what new experience have I challenged myself to lately? Is there something I need to do that I have never done before?

Well, certainly, there are things I could do that I haven't done before. Sky-diving. Eat a raw oyster. Own a hamster. But I'm feeling the need to do something daring with my faith that will open my life to all kinds of new adventures--like going all-the-way-under.

That's what Jesus did, right? When he walked this earth, He was all-in.  I want be like Max & Jesus. Stay tuned.