Monday, June 25, 2012

When things don't go my way

We watched as the crowd went crazy. The Miami Heat had just defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a phenomenal sight. Miami had played a nearly perfect game. They looked like champions, and now, they were champions. Unfortunately, my son, sister and I were cheering for the Oklahoma City Thunder. We were sad.

I've had a few days to reflect on my sadness. I wish I could honestly tell you that today I am less sad that Miami won, but I'm still not there.  

However, what I have realized is this: even though I am sad, there are a whole lot of people in Miami who are happy. And I'm genuinely glad about that. I'm satisfied in knowing that my sadness isn't universal. Someone out there is happy -- happy that their team won. 

I want to remember that just because circumstances aren't hunky-dory for me; it doesn't mean the whole world is suffering. I want to get past "me" and move on to others.

Yes, I'm sad. That darn Miami Heat team. But I can't help thinking about the 10-year-old Miami Heat fan sitting behind me during the game. Last Thursday, I saw a little boy's dream came true. His team won a NBA Final Championship. How can I be sad about that?

What happens when things don't go my way? I look around and enjoy watching things go someone else's way.

However, I must give the Heat fans a warning: Watch out, we'll be back. Thunder Up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tending the garden

The other day, I noticed one of the apples on my apple tree turning red. I have watched this apple begin its life as a pretty bloom, grow into a baby apple and now become almost full grown. I take great pride in my little red apple. I wish I could tell you that I had something magnificent to do with making it become an apple. 

But if the truth be told, it had more to do with the Master Gardener's expertise than it did with this amateur's hand.  Sure, I planted the tree. And I have watered it, fertilized it, and even sprayed it for pests. But other than that, I really had nothing to do with it becoming an apple. Bottom line: I can't make apples. I can only  encourage them to become better and tastier apples.

Well, isn't that exactly how it is with us and our relationships? God puts people in our lives that he wants to become excellent fruit. We certainly have a stake in the nurturing, encouragement and even care. In fact, I believe that God wants us to help in the development of souls. 

But ultimately, it is God who makes people whole. I guess it's like a partnership. The Master Gardner gives us apple trees. Our job is to care for them so that His fruit will grow.