Monday, July 10, 2017

Time Is Never Wasted at the Beach

A few weeks ago my great-nieces and nephew visited my husband and I in Florida. 

Each day offered new and grand adventures. Sea-shelling, sand castle building, wave hopping, and night crabbing were some of our activities. From sun-up to sun-down big decisions had to be made -- would we walk the beach searching for one-of-a-kind seashells or would we build grand structures in the perfect white sand? 

We ran everywhere -- up the staircase in the house to put on swimsuits, over the beach-bridge to jump in the water, into the pool to play Marco Polo. Seldom did we walk. But when we did, it was because we were stopping to look at something the ocean brought in. 

It's pretty fun to see the beach through children's eyes. 

Every day brought undiscovered treasures and new adventures. It was such a happy sight to see excitement in the smallest things.

Yet, here's the thing. The beach is here everyday. Day in and day out the tide comes in and goes out. The waves roll at their own pace providing natural beauty like non other. But from a child's eyes, it is all new. 

I love the beach. I see and appreciate its beauty. But I'm grateful because these little people help me see the beach differently. For example, to them, every seashell is a trophy. They remind me to keep a sense of urgency, not hurry, but urgency because we should never waste time by not being at the beach. And maybe best of all, the activities from spending a day in the sun and sand reward us with a good night's sleep! 

So, here's your challenge for today. Find a child somewhere -- grocery store, neighbor, church. Get down on your knees to their eye level. Try to see things from their perspective. The world will look differently from down there. I think you will see wonderful things from a fresh new perspective.

And perhaps you will realize time is never wasted when we enjoy things from a different perspective.