Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day and remembering Mom

On Valentine’s Day I had the chance to celebrate love along with the memory of my mother. Here’s how I celebrated Mom's life:
  • Slept in--Mom loved sleep.
  • Read the newspaper--Mom read the paper every day. 
  • Read my Bible--Mom had a contagious faith. 
  • Called a friend for a long chat--Mom used the telephone as her ministry. She called everyone: shut ins, the sick, and friends that lived both near and far.
  • Went to the mall and bought someone else something--Mom always thought of others first. 
  • Had Caribou Coffee--Mom and I discovered and fell in love with Caribou Coffee on our first of many visits to Mayo clinic.
  • Toasted Mom with a friend while drinking our Caribou coffee--Mom loved drinking coffee, but mostly loved sharing it with friends.
  • Hugged my husband--Mom loved her husband (of 52 years).
  • Ate a Godiva chocolate-covered strawberry--Mom loved dessert (and fruit). 
  • Went to see Carol Burnett at the Kauffman Center--Mom enjoyed Carol Burnett, Saturday nights and laughing.
  • Thought a lot about love--Mom loved deeply, unconditionally and wholeheartedly.
  • Thanked God for my mom--Mom was the best and I miss her.
Hope your Valentine's Day was both sweet and memorable!