Monday, May 1, 2017

Making your life richer.

Meet two of my favorite people: Meg and Pat.

Meg is a junior in high school and is my awesome friend, neighbor, and inspiration. I love spending time with her because she's fun and super cool. Over the past few years, Meg and I have done all sorts of things together. We've gone to movies, had coffee, attended church, and even volunteered together. Some might say I am Meg's mentor, but I would laugh at that comment because, to be totally truthful, I think Meg is my mentor. Meg reminds me to laugh often and enjoy life more.

Pat is a few years older than me. But one would never know it based on our activity level; Pat out-does me at every turn. Like Meg, Pat is super fun and I laugh a lot when I am around her. She's also an encourager. And we never part or hang up the phone without her reminding me that she loves me. 

I'd like to think that sometimes these two gals benefit from the time they spend with me. It's not measurable, so I'll never know. But here's the thing: I know it's important to spend time with women of all ages and personalities. I've found they will always bring out the best in me and help me grow. 

No doubt my life is richer, wiser, and way more fun because of these two women. I pray you will seek out people who aren't just like you. If you do, you'll soon find yourself reading books you would have never read, doing activities you never imagined, and discussing topics you previously knew nothing about. 

These are the things that make life rich.