Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Join me on my journey

Malawi, Africa. Halfway across the world. I'm going. 

On October 17, I am journeying with 11 others to Malawi, Africa. Although you may not be able to go with me on the trip, I'm wondering if you would like to join me on the journey through prayer? I would love having you partner with me as I take this trek across the globe.

Here are a few facts about Malawi:
  • It is located in Southern Africa, east of Zambia, west and north of Mozambique.
  • The land area is 118,484 sq km, slightly smaller than Pennsylvania.
  • The official language is Chichewa.  (57.2% of the population speak it)
  • The total population is 16,323,044 (July 2012 est.).
  • Life expectancy at birth is 52.31 years.
  • The religions are Christian 82.7%, Muslim 13%, other 1.9%, none 2.5% (1998 census)

Why in the world am I going to Africa? The simple answer is, "God extended the invitation and I said yes."

Below is a brief description of what our team will be doing while visiting Malawi (taken from Church of the Resurrection's website):

The October team will fly to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, where they will be briefed by a United Methodist missionary before making the two-hour drive to their lodge near Madisi. They will worship with the Madisi UMC congregation in the church built by Church of the Resurrection and share a meal with them, then return to their lodge to begin an economic empowerment training program designed to provide basic business skills to Malawian entrepreneurs.  Following the three-day training, the team will visit the other churches in the Madisi circuit and share a farewell meal with the congregation, and have an opportunity to meet with pastors’ children who are receiving private school scholarships through a partnership between Beyond Kansas City Missions and the Church of the Resurrection Foundation.  They will then visit the Malawi UMC’s farm about two hours east of Lilongwe, spending the day there.

So if you're interested in joining me in this incredible experience, I would covet your prayers. Will you pray for our team as we travel, learn, teach, hug, encourage, preach, and fellowship in Malawi? Feel free to post comments and prayers on this blog. 

Pitani bwino
(go well/good-bye)